Mar 26

Kat Calli

Kat Calli

I’m Kat Calli and I’ve been here in Northern Nevada for the last 8 yrs. We need to be closer to My elderly Mother in law. I came from So. California, originally born and raised in Chicago Ill. area. Between my husband and myself, we proudly have 6 children and 6 grandchildren. My fondest memories of my childhood are our camping trips and vacations, which was able to pass on to my children. Fishing was always thier favorite thing to do. It only became one of mine in the last 10 years…funny how that happens. Now my husband wants to teach me how to Fish. Hmm. Over the years we’ve managed to upgrade into a diesel motorhome from a fifth wheel. I love the extra room, it actually serves as the guest house when the kids come home, and every day off we have… we go camping. I just got my own Harley last year, so my Husband and I can ride together.One more thing off my bucket list. I came from a long background of retail management and Customer Service. I’m outgoing and energetic and truly love working in the RV industry, because I enjoy working with our customers, they’re AWESOME!

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