Aug 16

Tribute to the Playa (Burning Man)

Img credit: http:laughingsquid.com

Sprad’s RV recognizes the importance of protecting the playa! But what do you do with the water you have used? You can not pour it on the playa but you can tote it out with our Thetford grey water totes. To all you Burners out there, we are offering a “Pack In – Pack Out” special while supplies last:

12 Gallon grey water tote $66.00

18 Gallon grey water tote $118.00

35 Gallon grey water tote $175.00

And with each purchase you will get a 12 pack of gloves and an 8oz bottle of Pure Power for your tanks. These prices are the lowest we can get for the Burners, we want to do our part in protecting the playa with you.

Deal ends August 29th so hurry in. You can also “check-in” on Sprad’s Facebook to print a coupon.

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