Sep 05

Slides, Pop-outs, and Bump what?

Slides; pop-outs; bump outs; these are all terms used to describe the part of an RV that slides out electronically to create a larger room. Here are some easy tips you can do to ensure your slide is in perfect working condition year in/year out.

Spray your slide out seals with silicon dry lubricant once a month. This is especially important when you live in a dry climate such as Nevada.

Wipe our your slide rails and keep clean and lubricate 2 times a year.

Every time you bring your slide in, make sure it is free of debris, leaves, etc. Especially on top. Slide toppers are highly recommended to keep your slide tops clear at all times. Some RVs come with slide toppers, but if yours does not they can easily be installed aftermarket.

Lastly, don’t forget to watch the Friday Funtip we did on pop-outs!

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