Sep 22

Battery Management 101

Ok, so summer is coming and my Masters are pulling out the RV for the season. They are cleaning it, provisioning it (which includes treats for me!) and making the beds (Don’t forget my kennel and my Mister Bill doll!)

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My Master always starts the generator and hooks up the RV to make sure the lights are working and he opens the battery compartment and hooks up the batteries. But before he does this he makes sure they are ready for camping season. Want to know what he does?

Listen, I could go into the details of how batteries work, and why they need water and how many volts each cell produces, the difference between 24, 27, and 31 deep cycle sizes, but for crying out loud – do you really care? I mean don’t you just want to turn on the lights and have them work? Bottom line is that batteries in your RV require a little bit of maintenance. The maintenance is easy, and will keep your batteries charged, extend their life, and keep your lights turning on. Especially late at night when I am a good boy and deserve one last treat.
The two most common causes for your battery to fail are undercharging and overcharging. You undercharge a battery by constantly discharging it and not fully recharging it between cycles. That is a simple fix. Don’t do that.

You overcharge by letting the water levels drop below acceptable levels. What can you do about this? Easy stuff really, almost as easy as flushing a covey of chucker! Check the water level monthly. If you leave your RV plugged in with the batteries being charged, then you can check it bi-monthly. Remove the vent caps, look inside the fill wells. Check the levels. The minimum level is indicated on the battery. Important – fully charge your battery BEFORE adding more water. Remember, we said water – NOT battery acid.

Ok, I gotta go – it is time to jump in the truck and go camping on Ruby Mountain! Woof Woof, until next time, I remain your faithful RV Buddy, Boomer.

Update: 10/13/11 Check out our Friday Funtip Video on Battery Care and Maintenance.

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