Oct 08

Dillon Beach

Boomer’s Experience at Dillon Beach
I run and I run and I run and I run.  Then I nap and then I eat and then I run again.

One of my all time favorite camping locations is Dillon Beach, California.  Dillon is located on Tomales Bay in Northern Marin County, about an hour north of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Check out the town’s website  (Please note the numerous pictures of dogs on their website)


Dillon Beach is extremely dog friendly.  The beach is wide and long and never crowded and I get to run and run and run and run and run. I may occasionally put a paw in the water but I only do that for a second before I run and run and run again.



My master takes our camper to Lawson’s Landing. Lawsons has been around since 1957!  It is a community camping area and it is DRY camping.  There is no power and no water hookups (but they do have fresh water available throughout the campground which is good because ocean water is really salty).   You can build a campfire every night and I just love that because I get to lay by the warm fire and munch up the marshmallows the kid drops.


Giant clams from Tomales Bay - YUMMMY

My master loves to go to Dillon and the kid (my master’s daughter) plays on the sand dunes until she is so filthy the outdoor shower hoses her off.  Sometimes I have to get hosed off too but I can out run the shower.  The family goes clamming on the beaches of Dillon – you read about that here. Did I mention I LOVE clams?   I love clams and fish and steak and ice cream and cheese.  I love human food.  At night after the campfire the kid and I curl up and fall fast asleep to the sound of waves on the beach.



One of the most interesting things about Lawson’s is the cows.  Yes, cows like moo.  Lawson’s is not just a campground; it is also a place where cows roam.  I get locked in the camper if the cows get too close.  Something about I can’t control my myself and my head will explode keeping the cows safe and letting the kid see them.


Dillon is my all time favorite place to camp.  It is worth the drive, I just curl up and sleep while the kid pokes me and teases me about the cows.

What is your favorite place to camp?  I would love to hear from you – my Master is always looking for new places to bring the kid and me.


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