Jan 11

School and Camping

School and Camping–  We can’t be learning, we are having too much fun!!


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Who says camping season ends when school begins? I miss the kids when they are away at school. I mope around all day long looking out the window waiting for them to come home. I love camping in the fall with the kiddos, we get away from the early morning bus stop, homework ,and TV ,and the fun begins. We think some of the best camping is to be had after school starts. The kids are cooped up in a school room all week long – get them outside! Think about it – campgrounds are not as busy, there is NO tv to distract the kids, and who says you can’t do homework by the campfire? Not to mention I get to run and run and run! We love to combine camping fun with a little learning for the kids by having a scavenger hunt. This teaches kids to spend time looking at nature, can provide them with hours of entertainment, and is even fun for the parents. Some suggestions for the scavenger hunt list are animal tracks, caterpillars, ants, lady bugs,  fishing poles, lizards, pebbles, mud, mountains, ropes, snakes, worms, woods candles, fishes, tents, and y-shaped twigs. Take the list and turn it into a bingo game to add a fun twist to the hunt. I am very good at scavenger hunts! Do you have ideas for combining fun and learning during camping for the kids? We would love to hear from you, click on the Facebook link and share them with us.

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