Feb 29

Backing Up Your RV

Img Credit: rv-roadtrips.thefuntimesguide.com

When my adopted parents first started camping, backing the RV into the camping spot was always a challenge. My adopted Mommy (AM) would get out of the truck and walk out of site and then my adopted Daddy (AD) would scream out the window that he couldn’t see her. When I would catch a glimpse of her, she would always look like this:


My AD would usually end up getting out of the truck looking like this:

Or sometimes this:

The worst part is I would usually get screamed at and there would be no bone for me until that RV was backed up in its spot. Now, however, the APs have figured out a system and they use these:

For about $25 you can pick up two-way radios that you can both use to communicate to each other when backing up your RV.

Here are some other helpful tips you can use:
Both the spotter and the driver should get out of your truck and walk the area you are going to back into. Talk about trouble spots and goals.

If you don’t use 2 way radios, agree on hand signals. The engine of the truck (especially a rattly diesel) can drown out a voice that is 30’ behind you.

Keep me AND the kids in the truck and told to hush. Kids, pets, and extra noise only add to the challenge.

Roll down your windows, turn off the radio, drive slowly and listen to your spotter.

Don’t turn the steering wheel too sharply and don’t leave it turned in one position for too long. You will jackknife your trailer.

Practice makes perfect! Take your rig out with your spotter to a big parking lot, set up some cones and go through some drills.

Believe me,  following these tips, getting 2 way radios and practicing will make the start of your camping trip MUCH more enjoyable. And, I get my bone!

Until next time, I remain
Your Canine Camper

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