Apr 20

Preparing for Burning Man- What to Expect


Img Credit: http://knowyourmeme.com

Every year there you are, guaranteed at least two major dust storms that will hit your car and RV- “Entrance” and “Exodus”. Thousands of vehicles and RVs are driving into the Black Rock City that creates incredible amounts of dust.

With some preparation ahead of time you can prevent hours and hours of cleaning as well as prevent permanent damage to your RV and car. Tips as simple as making sure you keep your RVs windows, doors, and vents closed until you are in camp and have stopped are huge dust savers.

It takes hours to get through the line of vehicles waiting to enter the Black Rock City. You are going to want something to drink and something to eat while waiting. Keep a cooler in your car with these items. This will prevent you and your passengers from entering and exiting your car/truck and tracking in clouds of dust.

You will have to open the trailer at the gate for inspection but you can limit this to just once.

Oh and beware – if you see a guy walking near the gate with a portable leaf blower don’t roll down your windows!! You have been warned.

Over the next couple of months we will be bringing you helpful hints and tips from experienced Burners about preparing yourself and your RV for Burning Man. If you have tips or questions please post them below – we welcome your input and love questions!


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