May 02

A Heart-Warmed “Thank You” from Wade and Sarah

To the Sprad’s RV “Team”,

I met Craig (with Sprad’s RV), at the January RV Show at GSR.  Me being a “greenhorn” to RV’s, he didn’t try to push me into purchasing a RV from them, but gave me advice on things to look for when purchasing an RV.  I had taken Sarah to Sprad’s RV a few weeks later and some other local dealerships.  We found that the only professional and knowledgeable staff (Craig and Kat) at Sprad’s RV were to our liking’s, than all the dealerships we visited.  Along, with “word-of-mouth” of other satisfied customers of Sprad’s RV.
Unfortunately, in February we decided to make a RV purchase through RVWholesalers, where we were told that our dream toy hauler could be built with all of our options (bells and whistles) by the factory and delivered within a 5 week turn-out and would save us several $’s.  Only to find out that our special ordered RV had been delivered (3 months later) to the dealership minus the “6 point automatic leveling system”. They would adjust the price of the option, but it would cost us double to have the system installed at another RV service center.  Along with a delay for having an available driver to deliver the RV to our home wouldn’t be until the beginning of June… causing additional costs of cancellation fees for reservations at RV campsites.
We had only wished that we had settled on the first RV that we saw at Sprad’s RV.  Ther were no headaches, nor lack of communications when dealing with Sprad’s RV when we finally decided on a “Fuzion” toy hauler.  The staff (from owners/management to the ‘go-fer’s) made our dream come true and we were able to take home our “dream retirement toy” within a couple of days at our price for a RV.  The purchase saved us $’s.
A very special thanks to Craig, Kat, Patrick, Terry, Cindy and the other professional staff at Sprad’s RV for their knowledge, help and wisdom on our RV purchase.  We look forward in sharing our travels with the Sprad’s RV “team”, customers and fellow RV’ers.
Many thanks,
Wade and Sarah Ybarra

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