May 30

Preparing for Burning Man-Part 2

Protecting Your Furniture

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All upholstered furniture in your RV needs to be covered.  If not for the rest of the RV’s life, every time someone sits down-poof! Instant playa dust storm. It never seems to come out, even with shampooing. You can prevent this by covering the furniture and other areas you don’t want to clean later. Bring lots of old sheets and cover your sofas, dinettes, and lounge chairs. Cover the dash and front instrument panels of motorhomes. A fun idea is to tie die old sheets and then use them as slip covers for your chairs and sofas.  Easy to do, fun, and decorative – totally in line with the Burn, easy to remove, and your furniture is protected from the dust. Another great alternative is to remove the upholstered furniture and use plastic patio furniture instead.  You can hose them  down when you get home and your good furniture never sees the playa. To wash sheets that have been exposed to playa dust, make sure to put some vinegar in the water – it helps pull the dust out.

Helpful Hint

Bring one or two large, tall, solid plastic bins to place them as close to the front door of your RV as possible.  Get in the habit of putting your shoes, backpacks, camel backs and anything that has been outdoors in these bins and not on the floor.   You will be amazed to see the layer of dust that collects on the bottom of the bin and not everywhere else in the RV.

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