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Jul 11

Invest in a Surge Protector for your RV!

Is your trailer safe from a power surge? Have you ever thought of protecting your coach with a surge protector? All it takes is for your coach to surge one time and you would wish that you invested in that surge protector. Surge protectors come in a couple different styles, both 30amp and 50amp and in quick connect …

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May 16

Preparing for Burning Man- Part 1

If 2011 was your first year camping on the playa, you may be thinking that cleaning up last year really wasn’t that bad.   Be warned. Last year was an exception.  Northern Nevada and the Black Rock Desert had lots of rain late last year.   The playa was covered in snow and water until very late …

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Apr 13

Friday Funtip: Tow Guide

What’s a tow guide? Tune in as Craig shows you why you need to refer to a tow guide and what information you need to have to get started.

Mar 30

Friday Funtip: RV Toilet Paper?

We know that there are a lot of questions first time RV’ers have on their mind but felt a bit awkward to ask. Don’t be shy, we won’t bite. We’re here to help you understand all about RV camping before you even head out. Tune in as Kat talks this week about RV Toilet Paper. …

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Mar 23

Friday Funtip: Trailer Weight

Do you know the difference between Unloaded Vehicle Weight vs Gross Vehicle Rate? If not join us for this week’s Friday Funtip as we break it down and tell you what it is and why it’s important.

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