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Jul 25

Take Proper Care of Your Trailer Tires!

Due to the fact that most trailer tires are towed relatively few miles per year, most trailer tires wear out from age instead of wearing out due to mileage. Be diligent and keep an eye on your tire sidewalls and tread.   Watch for weather checking, tread separation, or any cracks. Trailer tires have about a …

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Jun 27

3 Easy Steps to Manually Override Power Awning

In this weeks technical tip, we have instructions for how to manually override your Carefree Power Awning!   Carefree Power Awning Manual Override: 1. There is a warranty packet, jumper cables, and instructions. 2. Place the diods to the power awning back. The jumpers should be under the cap of the awning. 3. Remove this …

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Jun 20

Technical Tips part 6

Have you ever had problems with your electrical slide-out system and just want to control it manually? This week, we found a great video from Lippert Components that shows how to manually retract or extend an electrical slide-out system.   Have you seen our other Technical tips? Technical tips part 1 Technical tips part 2 …

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Jun 13

Technical Tips Part 5

Last week, we showed how to correctly fold the Destination Tri-Fold Sofa into a comfy bed. After a long period of time, it is necessary to replace the foam in the sofa. Lippert Components shows a step by step video to ensure everyone a comfy seat for years to come.   Check out our previous …

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May 30

Technical Tips Part 4

This weeks tech tip involves…The Destination Tri-Fold Sofa! This video from Lippert Interior Solutions shows each step on how to correctly operate the Tri-Fold Sofa.   Check out our other tech tips to make your RVing experience easier! Technical Tips Part 1 Technical Tips Part 2 Technical Tips Part 3          

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