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Nov 17

The RV Checklist

Here are a couple of checklists we recommend before you tow your tow your RV. Having a checklist will ensure that it’s a smooth ride for you and no awful surprises when you reach your destination. Happy camping! Interior Check list when towing your RV: Furnace/Air Conditioner thermostat OFF. Refrigerator OFF (unless it will be …

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Nov 13

Spiders are NOT Good RV Guests

Spiders are attracted to the smell of propane, so it’s normal for them to take up residence in various places in an RV. They can spin their webs in places such as burner tubes, preventing water heaters and refrigerators from working. If your water heater or refrigerator burner won’t light or won’t stay lit, check …

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Jun 12

Campfire Quesadillas

You can just as easily make fantastic quesadillas on a grill or a campfire if you don’t want to use your stove. All you need is some foil, and if you’re using a campfire, and a grate. The trick is to use one tortilla, pile on your ingredients, fold it almost like a burrito, and …

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Apr 17

What I Need before I Pickup my new Truck Camper

When purchasing a truck camper there are a few things you will need to use your new truck camper. First, and the most obvious item, is your truck. Your truck is an important part of your truck camper purchase because it will determine what size truck camper you can purchase. Unless you are thinking about …

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Apr 07

Tires Tires Tires

Probably one of the most important safety items for truck campers are your tires. We always suggest that all of our customers check their tires before getting a truck camper. Why you may ask? Well putting a truck camper on your truck dramatically increases the weight of your vehicle. The last thing you want is …

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